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    Fervente - Women's Fashion in Istanbul


    Those who want to create wholesale dress production demand according to the organization or different body types to go, prefer Fervente wholesale dress models designed with stylish and quality fabrics. Wholesale women's dress models with innovative designs and the most stylish details meets you at ferventeshop.com. Fervente wholesale women's clothing products make a difference with a variety of colors and styles. Our team, which designs special dress models for each concept offers unique pieces for evening dresses, which are the most sought after parts of fashion stores. Women's dress models that are appropriate to the place to go, the organization concept and the season to come up with designs that will increase your customers.

    With Fervente, you can meet all your necessities for wholesale evening dresses and dress models. Hundreds of models unique to every style and body reaches you with the online-buy wholesale dress service. Online wholesale evening dress shopping begins with practical and fast dealership process on Ferventeshop.com . You can also offer countless alternatives to your customers who visit the store two days before the wedding or engagement or buy clothes online.

    Fervente knows no limits on wholesale dress models. We are manufacturing dress for more than 30 years in Turkey, Istanbul. The most exclusive designs for prom, engagement, and wedding events come from a single wholesaler. Evening dresses and oversized dresses are on display in every color and model you can imagine. Different wholesale dress colors provide an alternative to your customers who come to your online or physical store, allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

    Wholesale Prom Dresses

    Prom is one of the most important moment in the lives of young women. Women want to have dresses that bring out all their beauty on this special night. This wholesale prom dresses, which have revealed assertive posture and elegance of woman can be found at ferventeshop.com

    Wholesale Evening Dress Prices

    Fervente wholesale evening dress models are suitable for all ages and invitations, they are also decorated with stylish details that highlight different styles. Lacy dresses create a romantic mood while tulle detailed dresses attract mystery. Sequinned and sparkly dresses feature designs that are both fun and eye-catching. For those who like decolletage, the wholesale evening dresses, complete with deep decolleties, strapless shoulder detail and breathtaking back decolletage, offer a classy look. Contact us for wholesale evening dress prices.

    Wholesale Night Dress Models

    Wholesale night dress models deliver products that can be used at any event. Short, body-fitting dresses create a stylish style. Although lace details are mostly the preference of middle-aged women, when used in colors such as pink and cream, it addresses all women from seven to seventy. Tight, body-fitting long knitted dresses are ready to be a favourite of women who rely on their body. Wholesale night dresses in grey, blue, gold or black and red go into the planting process, as soon as you create a wholesale production demand.

    Wholesale Engagement and Wedding Dresses

    By examining Fervente wholesale engagement and wedding dress models, you can compare among hundreds of products. The low-cut back, which are covered with skin-colored tulle fabrics and adorned with sparkly embroideries, are the choice of women who want to look glamorous. Lace-detailed dress models are also women’s favorite.

    Plus Size Woman Dress Manufacturer in Turkey

    Different styles, details, low-cut that you can imagine, are used in the dresses. All models you are looking for prom, engagement and wedding concepts can be reached with the most appropriate plus size wholesale dress prices. With its wide range of products and constantly renewed collections, wholesale dress models for each season are waiting for you.

    Which Countries Fervente Export Wholesale Women Clothes

    Fervente company has been manufacturing wholesale women's dresses since the 1990s. We export high quality and cheap women's dresses wholesale. UK, Russia, Germany, USA, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Egypt, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Crotia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Belarus, Czechia, Latwia, Kuwait, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan and Canada are on the list of exported countries. You can contact for dealership from different countries. You can make your wholesale purchase online.

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